Platinum Selling Urban Rock Violin Duo Nuttin’ But Stringz To Host Opus 118 Harlem School of Music’s Opening Honors Recital in New York

Opus 118 Harlem School of Music teaches and inspires youth in music. (courtesy Opus 118)

The fundraising event kicks off their concert campaign to raise
$500,000 to keep the Opus 118 music program running

New York, NY May 11, 2010 The powerful sound of urban rock music will come alive on Thursday, May 13, 2010 at El Museo Del Barrio in New York City, when internationally renown violin duo Nuttin’ But Stringz host the opening Honors Recital for Opus 118 Harlem School of Music. The platinum selling violinists, who were recently featured on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and MTV Unplugged with Trey Songz, have become the champion spokespersons of the non-profit organization.

Opus 118 transforms the lives of students and their families of the Harlem community, through access to quality music education while fostering teacher development and introducing musical performance to new audiences. “Opus 118 has experienced significant challenges in securing the funding needed to sustain the organization” said Damien Escobar, Nuttin’ But Stringz.  Damien noted he was inspired by the efforts of Roberta Guaspari who co-founded the non-profit organization to inspire the youth of Harlem.

Harlem School of Music inspires and teaches youth music (Opus 118 image)

In 1991, public school budget cuts eliminated arts programs, but Guaspari and her students fought for their program. They rallied community support and held a benefit concert at Carnegie Hall, with some of the world’s finest musicians to raise funds to keep the program open for nearly 20 years. Unfortunately, the program faces the same struggles during these economic times. With the help of Nuttin’ But Stringz, Opus 118 will kick of their Concert Campaign to raise half a million dollars and hopefully keep the program open for another 20 years.

“Opus 118 has seen a fair share of challenges through the years, but struggle parallels our humble beginnings,” said Robert Gondola, director of external relations.  “This year marks Opus 118’s 19th year and with the help of generous donors, we will not only make it to a 20th year, but [Opus 118] will be in a position to sustain for many more years to come.”

“Our mission is far from accomplished,” explained Gondola. “There is so much left to do, and we need people to lend a hand to preserve the educational treasure that is Opus 118 in a neighborhood that needs it more than ever.”

Unfortunately, after more than a decade, Opus 118 finds itself in the same predicament battling through turbulent economic times. “Sometimes passion and drive are all you need.” said Tourie Escobar, “When my brother and I heard [Opus 118] was facing closure we felt motivated to help.”

Tourie Escobar (in driver's seat) and brother Damien Escobar, Nuttin' But Stringz check out the Batmobile on display during their last visit to Hollywood and a performance on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. (MAYO image)

Nuttin’ But Stringz is no stranger to giving back to the community. They brought music lovers to their feet last month (April 26, 2010) at the American Heart Association’s Power to End Stroke movement. The initiative took place at the Hobby Center’s Zilkha Hall in Houston, and empowered people to reduce their risk for stroke and educate communities on the importance of its prevention.

The Opus 118 Honors Recital on Thursday May 13, 2010, will begin at 6:00 pm with a cocktail hour, followed by a 7:00 pm performance. The newly renovated museum galleries will also be open exclusively for Opus 118 supporters. For more information on registration and tickets to the event contact Robert Gondola, Director of External Relations for Opus 118, Harlem School of Music at (212) 831- 4455 ext.105.

Damien Escobar and Tourie Escobar, Nuttin' But Stringz to host benefit Thursday night at Opus 118.

About Nuttin’ But Stringz Brother Tourie Escobar and Damien Escobar, who grew up in Queens, NY, are a true phenomenon of our musical age. Together, they are Nuttin’ But Stringz (NBS). NBS combines the classical sound of the violin with Pop, R&B and Hip-hop. The result is a unique and uplifting fury of modern emotion and harmony, intensity and rhythm. At age 10 both were the youngest to attend the legendary Juilliard School of Music in New York City. Their mission is to bridge the gap between Popular and Classical music. For more information about NBS visit: and NBS Blog: http//

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Nuttin’ But Stringz Rocks the House with Dancing with the Stars and NY Ballerina Principal

Tourie Escobar (NBS), Kate Gosselin (DSTS), George Mc Quade (MAYO PR), Damien Escobar (NBS) Tony Dovolani (DWTS). Nuttin' But Stringz was the first live instrumental and urban rock duo to perform live on Dancing with the Stars.

Hollywood, CANuttin’ But Stringz”,  one of the most talked about platinum album urban rock violinists performed a live, historical music spectacular tonight (Tuesday, April 13, 2010) on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. It was the first time DWTS featured an instrumental act on TV’s highest rated entertainment program now on its 10th season.

The eye-popping choreography was performed by New York’s Principal Ballerina accompanied with the dancers who flew through the air on the dance floor much like an Olympic aerobics show with perfectly orchestrated moves and tones from NBS. It was powerful segment designed by hip-hop Choreographer Travis Wall.

Tourie Escobar and Damien Escobar have been playing violin since they were 10 and were the youngest to enter a prestigious music school, while playing in the New York Subways and recently discovered on NBC’s America’s Got, where they were voted in the top three contestants.

“We started playing very, very young, when it was cool to play violin, but now I think the violin is going to replace the guitar Tourie Escobar told KABC-TV’s George Pennacchio, shortly after the show ended.

Damien Escobar, NBS at DWTS.

Tourie Escobar, Nuttin' But Stringz

Even one of the Dance  contestants said she was blown away and was dancing to Nuttin’ But Stringz behind the stage. Chelse Hightower said, “This was the highlight of the evening, and I was dancer,” she said.

“We were rehearsing and practicing for days for this live performance which is one of the biggest challenges of my life being on the stage of America’s most watch ballroom on “Dancing with the Stars” tonight,” said Tourie and Damien Escobar, “Nuttin’ But Stringz”, urban rock composers, who make up one of the most talked about international violin duo to hit the airwaves.

Damien Escobar, Niecy Nash, Tourie Escobar and Louis Van Amstel

“We made history today on “Dancing with the Stars” as the first instrumental music presentation,” said Tourie Escobar, “Nuttin’ But Stringz”. “It’s never been done on the show before, and we’ll had to have lost of drama and dance moves that kept everyone watching at home and in the live audience.”
America’s Got Talent, then they return to Huston, Texas for a fundraising performance for the Heart Association on April 23rd. Also, on the same evening (April 23, 2010) Nuttin’ but Stringz will be shown on  MTV Unplugged.

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ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” is set to make television history with the international, Emmy award-winning Violinists Damien and Tourie Escobar – “Nuttin’ But Stringz’ – Tuesday night

Hollywood, CA – “We have  been rehearsing and  practicing for hours for our  live performance  on Dancing with the  Stars tomorrow night  (Tuesday, April 13, 2010),”  said Tourie and Damien  Escobar, “Nuttin’ But  Stringz”, urban rock  composers, who make up one of the most talked about international violin duo to hit the airwaves. “We will be making history on Dancing with the Starsas the first instrumental music presentation,” said Tourie Escobar, “Nuttin’ But Stringz”. “It’s never been done on the show before, and we’ll have lots of eye-popping surprises.”

brothers, who grew up in a rough neighborhood in Queens, NY, were excited when they heard the news. “I couldn’t believe it, until Dancing with the Stars airline tickets arrived in the mail,” said Damien Escobar, “Nuttin’ But Stringz”.

“For emotions, for intensity, professionalism, for commanding the stage and electricity, you guys are my favorite act in the competition, you roasted it, I’m trembling,” said America’s Got Talent judge Simon Fuller at the last AGT performance of “Nuttin’ But Stringz”.

“Nuttin’ But Stringz” surfaced two years ago as one of the top three contestants on NBC’s America‘s Got Talent. The judges described “Nuttin’ But Stringz” this way:

“For emotions, for intensity, professionalism, for commanding the stage and electricity, you guys are my favorite act in the competition, you roasted it, I’m trembling,” said America’s Got Talent judge Simon Fuller at the last AGT performance of “Nuttin’ But Stringz”.

“Guys the tone that you get from your instruments is so sensational and the most perfect tone I have heard from any violin player ever,” said Judge and English singer, music promoter Sharon Osbourne, who is the wife of singer-songwriter, Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath). “The crossover, classical rock and hip-hop are sensational,” she said.

Actor and America’s Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff said, “You are raw talent, and you also move us with your music. You can makes us rock, make us dance, and make us feel so good, just keep it coming.”

Damie and Tourie Escobar, “Nuttin’ but Stringz”, began playing in New Yor’s subways growing up in Queens, New York. They were the youngest to attend Julliard School of Music at the tender age of 10.

“Nuttin’ But Stringz” performed at the “Declare Youself” Inaugural Ball for President Barack Obama, January 19, 2009, hosted by Jessica. Other performances included Jamie Foxx, Maroon 5 and John Legend.

Additionally, “Nuttin’ But Stringz” performed in the Kennedy Center for the “Let Freedom Ring” with Aretha Franklin to celebrate Martin Luther King’s Birthday,  January 18th (the then Preisident-Elect Obama was there).

In November, 2008,  they performed for Princess Sheikha Hessa as the headline act.

Other performers included AKO and JAY SEAN. Other performances by Jamie Foxx, Maroon 5 and John Legend

“We have inspired a lot of kids, who now find it cool to pick up a
violin along with their basketball and play to their hearts content,”
said Damien Escobar. “I was called a ‘sissy’ and every other name
in school when I began playing the violin at age 8. My brother brought
it home from school and I was hooked on the instrument.”

“We have inspired a lot of kids, who now find it cool to pick up a violin along with their basketball and play to their hearts content,” said Damien Escobar. “I was called a ‘sissy’ and every other name in school when I began playing the violin at age 8. My brother brought it home from school and I was hooked on the instrument.” “Nuttin But Stringz” fly to Paris after Dancing with the Stars TV show to appear on the French version of America’s Got Talent TV show (April 17, 2010). On April 23rd,  “Nutting’ But Stringz” will peform on MTV Unplugged.

“Then it’s back to the recording studio for our new album due out next year,” said Tourie Escobar. “This will be the final performance of “Thunder” from our last album “Struggle from the Subways to the Charts.”

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Nuttin’ But Stringz joins celebs in 2010 Camaro “Spirit” Premiere

(L-R) George Mc Quade, Tourie Escobar, James Pitt (Avatar, 2010) George Barris, and Damien Escobar, Nuttin' But Stringz.

Burbank, CA – Nuttin’ But Stringz in town for a live performance of “Dancing with Stars” On ABC TV, Tues, April 13th shows up (Saturday) at the Barris Kustom 2010 Chevrolet Camaro “Spirit” Premiere at Community Chevrolet, Burbank. For background info visit: NUTTIN BUT STRINGZ EXAMINER ARTICLE

Tourie and Damien Escobar, Nuttin’ But Stringz talked about their Dancing with the Stars music and dancing rehearsals,  to how they went from the New York subways playing their violins and urban rock music. They are also heading to Paris on the French version of America’s Got Talent (#3 in USA) and later this month MTV Unplugged, awesome music samples of their work at and follow them on twitter, /nuttingbutbuzz. Blog:

The # 1 Barris Kustom 2010 Chevrolet Camaro “Spirit” Premiered in USA at Community Chevrolet in Burbank California Saturday April 10th -celebrities VIPs and Media attended the Long Awaited Introduction of two of America‘s mostsSpectacular automobile brands--The Chevrolet Camaro and the King of the Kustomizers, George Barris

The Kustom Mechanic for some three decades shows us what’s under the hood of a batmobile.

A VIP-Media event marked the historical delivery of the first Barris Kustom 2010 Chevrolet Camaro “Spirit” to a Chevrolet dealership in the USA.

George Barris himself drove the first 2010 Chevrolet Camaro muscle car.

Tourie and Damien Escobar at 2010 Chev. Camaro "Spirit"Premiere

This long awaited American automobile industry event was be held Saturday April 10th at Community Chevrolet, one of the oldest, and successful Chevrolet dealerships in California.

George Barris, “King of the Auto Kustomizers” and American icon, drove the 1st car into the dealership himself immediately following the 2010 Annual Burbank on Parade. George Barris and the new Barris Camaro “Spirit” are a major feature in this year’s parade.  Along with other unique kustom cars, the  famed  Barris 1966 TV Batmobile were also be on display.

Many celebrities were invited and turned out to the spectacular event and red carpet affair including: George Barris, James Pitt (Avatar), Brenda Dickson-Young & The Restless,  Claudia Wells-Back to the Future,  Comedian/Actress Judy Tenuta,  Kat Kramer and her Mom,  Dave Lea (Batman 1+2),LA,

Barris’ pal-Jay Leno was late as usual, but showed up in his 1901 WHITE.

Other celebs included:  Zac Callison( Hannah Montana), Stefanie Scott(Flipped, Old Christine), Jenessa Rose-Ponyo(GForce, Imagine That,  Julianna Rose(Diary of a Wimpy Kid, I Carly)Brandon Tyler Russel (Smitty), Damien Escobar & Toure Escobar- ( ABC’ Dancing with Starsl NBC America’s Got Talent; MTV Unplugged -Emmy Award-winning Sony Recording Artists Nuttin’ But Stringz) and many other celebs attended.

Driven by a never ending passion to kustomize automobiles, George Barris of Barris Kustoms in North Hollywood, CA was pleased and excited more than ever, to jump into this project last year and to head the team that designed and produced one of the hottest and long-awaited ” kustom” Chevrolets in history.

This highly anticipated kustom Chevrolet Camaro represents a quantum shift in the availability of kustom vehicles from arguably the most famous kustom vehicle design house in the world! “Barris Kustoms has entered into a new chapter by delivering affordable kustom vehicles direct to the dealer showroom”, say George Barris founder of Barris Kustoms.

Operating for over 60 years,  Barris has been developing unique one-of-a-kind vehicles and product designs including motion picture & TV cars, celebrity vehicles, motorcycles, golf carts, bicycles, fashion lines, and now a line of kustom electric rock guitars. He has been thrilling car, movie and pop-culture fans alike with his famous TV Batmobile, Munster Koach, Beverly Hillbilly truck, Knightrider KITT and many others.  But his first love has always been redesigning and kustomizing new cars from Detroit and making them look better.

“Today so many kustom vehicles have entirely too much work done on them”, says Barris. “I believe we have succeeded in developing a kustom vehicle with just the right amount of kustom features and keeping it affordable to the automotive enthusiast while being made in the USA.”

The Barris “Spirit” Camaro will be available at selected dealerships or can be ordered directly through your local new car Chevrolet dealer.

George Barris immediately saw  incredible potential of the new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro as a kustom canvas.  ” Using the 2010 Camaro 2SS RS as our base model, he added the following kustom features:

•           Kustom painted hood with deep pearl and metallic accents emphasizing the wide, aggressive stance of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.

•           Kustom painted front fenders and doors. The aerodynamic “Spear” blurs the vision with a striking burst of speed.

•           Kustom foil “hand-swirled” striping and beautifully pin-stripping outline the kustom paint on the hood, front fenders and doors.

•           Kustom paint to accent the rear fender louvers

•           Kustom paint to accent the four taillight tunnels

•           Kustom 3 bar chrome legend grill

•           “Spirit” name is added to both fenders along with a Barris Kustom Crest insignia.

•           Barris Kustom dash plaque hand signed by George Barris.

•           Lexani Chrome Painted Spoked Wheels

Each new Barris “Spirit” Camaro comes with a Certificate of Authenticity” certifying the vehicle was kustomized by Barris Kustom.

The Barris Spirit Camaro can be ordered with additional kustom features such as: color matching kustom wheels, vertical doors, convertible top and an upgraded sound system.

By the way Tourie Escobar of Nuttin’ But Stringz is a car enthusiasts. Tourie   he customizes all his cars currently in his fleet of American Cars are:

Ford Mustang convertible

Dodge Charger with Lambo doors

72 Chevy Impala

Chevy Nova

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Nuttin’ But Stringz brings nothin’ but buzz to Hollywood

Damien and Toure Escobar performed at the White House

The famed Emmy Award-Winning Hip-Hop Violin Duo and composers are set to perform live on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars April 13th”

LOS ANGELES, CA — MAYO Communications has been retained as the agency for record by 8th Note Touring and Move Along Touring, New York to promote Famed Recording Artists “Nuttin’ But Stringz,” for national publicity. Damien and Toure Escobar, of Queens, NY, are schedule to play live on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”, April 13th in Hollywood. The famed Emmy award-winning violin duo was in the top three on NBC’s America’s Got Talent show 2008..

Damien and Tourie Escobar, “Nuttin But Stringz”, began playing New York’s subways when they were little boys and grew up in Queens, New York.

MAYO will provide entertainment publicity and global media relations for the international recording artists, who are on scheduled to appear on the French version of America’s Got Talent in Paris after the live ABC television show Dancing with the Stars.

The urban rock/hip-hop violinists have performed and interviewed with more than 60 different TV shows ie. The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, Ellen, The Today Show. Noggin’s (Jack’s Big Music Show) to name a few. They have also played for the president of the United States at the White House.

MAYO Communications is no stranger to celebrity events launching TV dramas “Palmetto Point” with Jason Priestly to TV’s “Whittaker Bay” featuring twin sisters Kelly and Sabrina Aldridge from MTV’s reality series, “8th & Ocean, ”in Wilmington, NC.

MAYO also represents Warrior Records, celebrity authors, actors and most recently helped create a media buzz for The 1st Annual Noble Awards, where a dozen charities honored celebrities like Actor Morgan Freeman, Teri Hatcher, Annalynne McCord, Joel Madden, Nicole Ritchie and Emily Bear for noble charity work.

On April 1st, 2010, MAYO did the publicity for the first MAMMOJAM 2010 to benefit Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation to fight breast cancer, where “Dancing with the Stars” Louis Van Amstel and Jonathan Roberts performed live at the Rise Club in Hollywood.

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